Michael and Ann Hollings

Michael, Ann, Joel and Sonny Smith are here


Michael trained as a mechanical engineer then read computer science and now works for T Mobile as a software engineer, whereas Ann has an MSc in Clinical Psychology and is employed by the NHS.  Joel is now at college in Guildford doing Media Production Studies and Sonny continues to attend Mary Hare School in Newbury.   However, our beloved elder son died in October 2018.   Unfortunately Michael died on 20 October 2019 after a few months of illness.   He is very much missed by family and many friends.

Simon and Yolanda

Simon, Yolanda, Jonathan and Annalisa are on the link here.

Yolanda is a (retired) Clerk of the Court (Salisbury) working previously for the MoJ and Simon is a chartered engineer playing with architectures, policy and “stuff”.  Jonathan is at Southampton University studing Economics and Business Studies meanwhile Annalisa continues at Bournemouth Girls – A level presently.

Josephine, Andy, Amelie and Lucie

Both Andrew (Winwood) and Josephine did live in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) for the first two years of their marriage then the Isle of Man and they returned to the KSA and now live in Bahrain.   Andy continues to work with the Saudi organisation Aramco and Josephine acts as a supply teacher in Brahain.  This latest picture shows Amelie holding  all of the certificates received in June 2017

Here are the girls in September 2017 – back to school (years 8 and 9)

And, here, we have the animal family – yes, now three of them!


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  • January 18, 2018 at 10:06 am

    I am very sad that marmalade died. I was very fond of him.


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