Ask IT’s Done’s consultants are engaged in a wide range of projects. This page gives a flavour of the types of project undertaken. Contact us for more details.

Strategy Development

An effective strategy is vital to harness your resources and direct them towards your corporate goals whilst dealing with the threats you face.   Using both structured and soft methods, we can devise strategies to  address your mission.

Systems’ Architecture

Architecting is a necessary component to the development of complex modern systems.   To ensure completeness and apply rigour requires a framework to express the architecture; Ask IT’s Done have expertise in a number of relevant process and expression frameworks such as TOGAF, DODAF and MODAF.

Public Key Infrastructure

PKI technologies have now matured and offer a security framework providing authentication, integrity, non-repudiation and confidentiality services to be leveraged by all your corporate applications.

Ask IT’s Done have a wealth of experience in the design, policy definition and implementation of high assurance public key systems.


Ask IT’s Done brings a wealth of directory knowledge to bear solving the challenges of forming and maintaining directories in complex business environments. This is not just a technical challenge but is above all an information management challenge. The old adage “garbage in, garbage out (GIGO)” is entirely apt in this field.

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