Ask IT’s Done has a number of products which have been developed to help certain clients address issues where commercial off the shelf solutions either do not exist or are inadequate for the job.  Please contact us for information on any of the products shown below.

dir.Xplorer (Web interface to directory)

This web system allows you to make your directory (LDAP) exploitable by any browser equipped device.  This is configurable to support many object types and hierarchies.  You can see our web interface to X.500/LDAP directories through this link.   A general chat forum and dir.Xplorer discussion area can be found here.

Directory Loader (LDIF to LDAP)

A product which reads LDIF files and loads them into a target directory.  Available for Win32/64 and *nix 32/64 this is a GUI based loader which handles plain, SSL/TLS and other types of authentication to your directory.  Error handling is second to none and this is used to load changes into a large government department’s directory.

Directory Synchronizer

A framework of components to synchronize directories.  This has filters, object transformation functions (AD to ACP133 etc.), DN changes, different calculators to keep all your directories synchronized.  A flexible, expandable framework!  This is currently used to synchronize X.500 and Active Directories in a large government department and is also the engine which synchronizes the allied network directories during operation CWID each year.

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